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I wish you would hear me out but you don’t hear me out you block me out you can have your perfect life your love your ups your downs your desperate need for lust trying to find love an compassion from someone in all the wrong ways n places , knowing you were raised better your were raised with morals and self respect , I’m just talkin forreal but wanted to get in what I had on my mind befor I got to drowning .

Watched you grow watch you get it watched you cry watched you say your goodbyes but still had the notions of thoughts to wonder why if seem to blame myself for something I couldn’t control but something I was able to sit and watch slip by , right infront of my eyes you read this and you know me , you know what it is .

The way it goes

I met you for the first time I saw the light shine I saw you but much more thought it was never ending til I became the outkast the lone wolf used to be the main squeeze now I’m the last drip , but even when your shining your shadows always gonna leave you when it’s dark , I’m wanted when I’m needed no invitations just here for the time maybe someone other than myself , I guess that’s just the way it goes.

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